Experiences on the Boat

A week can include everything from exciting experiences and unforgettable togetherness to the most awesome relaxation. You can choose your accommodation in the pulse of city harbor or in a pleasantly quiet lagoon. We have something for most tastes and needs.   Together with you we tailor your dream vacation. Equipment rental is on us.

Sleeping on a Catamaran

A catamaran is not like an ordinary single hulled sailboat. A catamaran lies balanced and flat in the water with both of its hulls and swings  quietly and soothingly. Research has shown that, in addition to falling asleep faster, rocking or rocking movements can provide both deeper sleep and also improve memory. If you are interested in learning more, go to one of the links below and read more. (For now I have´nt found those links in english, but as soon I find them I will link them in English as well)

 Swinging motion can give you better sleep and improve memory

 From the cradle to the hammock – you sleep better

 Rocking sleep improves memory

Meals on Board

If you don’t want to cook the food yourself, we can offer cooking your meals on board. We plan menus and shopping of food and drinks together with you beforehand.

The meals we create are for the most part from sun-ripe, organic and locally produced foods as well as what the sea has to offer. Our meals are both healthy, good to eat and beautiful to view.

When cooking the food, we have our health concept as a starting point. We will, of course, adapt the menu according to your wishes. In addition to my (Evy’s) education as a diet and lifestyle adviser, I have supplemented my knowledge in many other ways regarding  food and nutrition. Examples of literature in depth: Food that cures, The Plant Paradox, Sugar Bomb 3.0, Gourmet Vego, Vegan Cuisine, The 100 Most Valuable Foods, etc.


Want to learn the basics of sailing? Or you may have been there before and want to relive the feeling? Whatever it is we are here for you, so that you get the experience you are looking for.

Chill Out

We slowly glide around exploring the beautiful island world of the Mediterranean. We throw anchor in a still lagoon that seems attractive. There we can sunbathe and swim, snorkel or paddle around on a SUP board for those who want to be active. Someone wants to lie in the shade and read a book. Others stay on the boat to recharge their batteries and let themselves be silenced by the movements of the ocean. Something for everyone.

SUP Board

You’ve probably seen many people stand on a board and paddle out into the water.  It looks so free and lovely!  Have you tried it yet?  If not, then you have the world’s chance to enjoy the surroundings from a SUP (Stand Up Paddle board).

Silhouette of young beautiful girl surfing in sea at sunrise. Outdoors.


What is really hiding beneath the surface of the water?  Put on your snorkel gear and explore nature’s own fascinating aquarium.  Discover exotic fish and beautiful corals at exciting reefs.


You may be making today’s most exotic meal from the boat!  Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or a beginner with a fishing rod in hand, it is an exciting experience to wait for that moment when you feel the first chop.  Expectantly, you start cranking the line to see what …

City Tour

How lovely it is to slowly stroll around the picturesque Mediterranean cities.  To soak up all the wonderful smells from the restaurants’ kitchens mixed with the scents of freshly baked baguettes and exotic flowers.  Maybe you want to sit down at a cozy cafe with a double espresso or latte in your hand and study the people and the pulse of the city.

You will have the opportunity to visit several of these lovely, impulsive cities during your journey through parts of the Mediterranean.


We visit vivid food markets with bursting colorful fruit, herb and vegetable stands.  Spicy scents tickle our taste buds in an endless supply of local products.  Fruits, vegetables, onions and root vegetables so colorful, tasty and energy rich, just because they got ripe in peace and quiet under the warm Mediterranean sun.  There we buy delights for upcoming good and nutritious meals.


We do planned stops or when something interesting catches our yes on land.  We walk to lookout points with panoramic views that make us almost lose our breath. We do fascinating hiking trails and visit different attractions, all according to your wishes.


Find your inner peace and strength using guided meditation for different scenarios, depending on your needs.  Or get the power of just breathing while enjoying beautiful soothing music and the rhythmic chirping of the sea.